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  • Member: OmniStrata
  • Studio: Omni Strata Studios
  • Title: Blue Sky Brings Tears
  • Premiered: 2002-12-28
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    • Wendy Phillips Stay (Airscape Remix)
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  • Comments: Whoa... I'm slow...

    Time taken: too long...
    Software: in the guides...
    Hardware: Problem Slayer ^_^

    Theme: A video unlike my previous releases. The first thing that will pop up into your skull is, "Another dance video?". No... It is a special fx tour-de-force, but I've added a specific element of romantic dramatic tension. I'm considering releasing a "non-fx" version of this video known as "Blue Sky" as an alternative. Also, of all my 14 or so amvs I've created, I believe this is my 2nd ONLY video I seriously think can go into my "AMV Masters" collection. [with Moonlight Vengeance - Feel the Rhythm being my only other one]

    Special Effect: Spectral Teardrops
    Why name it that? Because "Crying Rainbow" sounded MUCH worse... ^_^ It's not one effect, but actually more of a set of lensflares, white/colored bars/boxes, and the ever popular "dancing spotlight" trick I figured out. [by accident] One goal is for me to stretch out Premiere's possiblities. What can it do that's SOO close to Adobe After effects? My one gripe [a BIG ONE] is that one effect I managed to pull off in this video [triple masked miniscreen] did NOT work in "Crystal Dreams - NES Project". What the heck? Does that mean digisubs work with effects better? [grr...]

    The idea is based on Kaoru and some major female characters. My fav girls in Ai Yori Aoshi would be Aoi [perfect housewife and willing lover] and Tina [wild, lovable and fun] There's some extreme physical tension in this video. ^_^ The hardest section I edited [aside from the effects] was the scene with the first verse with Aoi tucking herself in next to Kaoru. [watch the ep, it's a tear jerker]

    I'm also giving my first dedication with this video:

    One other thing I'd like to say, this is my FIRST "personal" video. I made this video solely for me to enjoy. Most people know that my driving force for editing is to get people to love the video and to win at contests. This video is my first video which I made for me! [gooo me! ^_^]

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