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  • Title: Sneak the Future
  • Premiered: 2002-12-28
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    • Jet Set Radio Future Sneakman Toronto Mix
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    Well, This is. . . . Interesting. It took a LOT shorter time then I thought it would, even after messing up so many times in the editing. This is my entry into the JSR/JSRF Project. This is in WMV format, unlike the TRUE entry, so NME doesn't have to host my video. This was the first AMV were I ripped DVDs(and I had to spend 2 days just figuring out how to do THAT) and the first time I used DBZ footage. I have to say, it's pretty good. I found it lacking something, but maybe it's because the song's so short. I wanted Bardock to die in the end by Freiza's hand, but the ending that I turned out to chose was better. . . You have to watch it a few times to understand, and it's better off of you've seen "Bardock: The Father of Goku" beforehand. Otherwise, there's no spoilers, and really nothing else to describe. . ..

    Enjoy your 26 second summary of the first half of an about 2 hour video!

    Due to a review given by a friend, I'm breaking down the video for those of you who haven't seen the Bardock Special, because this is NOT a "Random no plot all action DBZ Vid"

    So, here's the description:

    First, we see that wierd alien guy coming up to Bardock(The Goku looking guy) and smacking him in the back of the neck, thus, giving Bardock the power to see the future.

    Bardock gets up and kills the alien creature nwo, not believing him. He then falls over for some never-explained reason.

    Now, Bardock's ended up in a "healing pod" type thing, the doctors are looking at his bravewaves which had changed drastically(No, that's not a heart monitor)

    Now we see a baby(Goku) and a planet blowing up, among some other things. Bardock and Goku see the future-- That is, Planet Vegeta(home of the saiyans) blowing up.

    Bardock now goes out to see where his team is, they were all killed(this is not in the AMV) and he only finds Freiza's personal body guards there.

    (This IS in the AMV) some of Freiza's personal body guards manage to get Bardock and beat him up, he's too strong and could possibly overthrow Freiza.

    Now, we see Bardock yelling, blood, and then him toppling over a table. This is where Bardock has gone to Vegeta to warn the other saiyans of what he saw of the future in his head. Then. . There's the end of the video. Don't want to spoil it.

    So, see? There IS a plot to this video, it just flashes by a little bit fast...

    Now that The JGR Project is out, I hope you all enjoy. My segment will not be avaliable to download seperately from the project unless I get asked specifically because, well, I don't feel like uploading it ;D To be honest, I don't even think I have it anymore.. 0o

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