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  • Members (7): wurpess, 8bit_samurai, AMV_4000, Moonie, SilversLightning, SuperFusion, guy07
  • Title: Belated Birthday Buttsecks for Minion
  • Premiered: 2006-11-29
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    • Altered Images Happy Birthday
    • Andrew W.K. Party Hard
    • Captain Jack Dream a Dream
    • Gunther Teeny Weeny String Bikini
    • Michael Jackson Bad
    • Psycho Theme
    • Reel 2 real I like to move it
    • Strawberry Shortcake A Berry Happy Birthday
    • Weird Al Yankovic Your Horoscope for Today
    • Wham! Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
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  • Comments: Well, so one day (November 12th, to be exact), while we were sitting in the buttsecks thread, Minion happened to mention it was his 20th B-day. Yeiweh suggested we do a b-day vid for him. Somehow I ended up putting the thing together. Originally, it was supposed to be a quick jobber done in 24-36 hours and released on the 14th, but due to certain circumstances (both technical and drama related), the video release was held until now when it could be viewed by the person it was made for. A big thank you to everyone who contributed and was able to pull a video out of their ass within the original time frame. Due to the short time frame, not everyone was able to do a video, but still wanted to be a part of this and wish Minion a happy birthday, so "birthday cards" were included from these people in the video. So, Happy Belated Birthday, Minion from the mixed up, messed up people at the org. Glad to have you back. And hopefully after this, you'll still be happy to be back. :D
    And now we bring you the reaction of the birthday boy. upon watching it. *^_^*

    "That was
    Appropriate Picture

    Why yes, it was. But come on, admit it, its a fun sort of gay! :D
    Quick Comments For: Belated Birthday Buttsecks for Minion

    -2008-02-11 00:51:01Yep, it's still getting downloaded and fun to watch!

    -2007-12-04 14:45:49good

    -2007-08-03 22:21:46hellz yeah

    -2007-08-03 00:21:16waaay funny super cool all the way

    -2007-06-24 09:01:264chan

    -2007-05-19 18:42:52haha that was awesome..... please note... i have a question....what anime was the one with the blue haired angel and the brown haired teen? that was funny!!! (answer: Club to Death Angel Dokuro-Chan (TV))

    -2007-04-15 18:35:30mmmmm buttsecks good O_o

    -2007-04-04 13:21:10LOL

    -2007-03-10 12:02:53...

    -2007-01-01 21:03:47hello yah LD

    -2006-12-06 10:18:36I put spam in your ham.

    -2006-12-05 11:41:21I'm giving this a 2 because it was 100% better than the buttsecks MEP.

    -2006-12-01 17:59:44It was better than the whole buttsecks MEP, but that's not saying much.

    -2006-12-01 11:35:51hmmmn.... i still think that the new wave of bday videos have it all wrong... though some of yours did right, they are supposed to be 1. bad, terribly edited, 2. make fun of the editor, and 3. be hilarious only to the person who knows them O.o XD no in jokes for you!

    -2006-11-30 02:16:50I liked it, but it's not for me. Yesh this is Yeiweh. -Yeiweh (DivineQueenYeiweh) P.S. I like owls. and don't feel emo :P

    -2006-11-29 17:19:53um.... Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go... Not Jitterbug. oh, and a disturbing piece o' work. Must be nice to be loved so much! XD (Fixed )

    -2006-11-29 15:28:29Well Done!

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