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  • Member: canal-chan
  • Title: Final Fantasy Tribute
  • Premiered: 2001-05-28
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    • Vanessa-Mae Storm
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  • Comments: Update! I finally have a place to keep my mpg versions of my music videos. Enjoy. ^.^


    Whee! Ya know... After the death of my video card, I had to make a music video... I just HAD to... I was itching to do a new one... And well... This came about from it.

    I was originally going to make a video using FMVs from MANY video games, but... That idea got dropped when I started running out of HD space because of the FF7 and 8 FMVs... Well... I decided at that point that I was going to do a tribute to the Final Fantasy games. I love them so much for a particular reason and I felt that I would show that off. ^.^

    The song Storm is by Vanessa-Mae, an AMAZING violinist who will do pop recreations of famous orchestral pieces, this one being Summer II from Antonio Vivaldi's "Four Seasons". Like 1999, it's very high paced, and needed to be pieced together differently than all my other music videos which were created in Quick Editor. I felt that it called for something far superior to that program.

    My prayers were answered when someone gave me Adobe Premier. *.*

    It was exactly what I needed to make this video. And I also felt that I was allowed the chance to take my time on it as well. Quick Editor didn't like me saving my files while in the progress of putting them together so... I had to leave the program open at all times while compiling my videos. That was a SERIOUS pain. X.x;;

    This video took me nearly half a year to create, but I made it a point to make sure every tiny detail was timed into the changes of the music... And I painstakingly timed the famous dance scene of Final Fantasy VIII to the harpsichord solo halfway through "Storm."

    I'm very pleased with the result, and... I think the people who saw it at A-Kon XII were as well. ^.^ I think this, at this time, is my best video created.

    Also, as with all my videos, I do appreciate feedback on them. So if you can find the time, please send comments on this video. They would be greatly appreciated.

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