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  • Member: Angeteen
  • Title: History is Made by Stupid People
  • Premiered: 2006-11-23
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    • Arrogant Worms History is Made by Stupid People
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  • Comments: One day you just happen to wake up and realize that the people who got you into this mess are probably no more brighter than you are. In this case, we give a breif look at history, and realize that while there are a number of brave and memorable characters in the pages of history, most of the characters have the brain the size of a garbanzo bean. The only bit of good news is that, despite what challenges human stupidity may present, some manage to succeed despite it. It is on this note I would like to add, while successful or not, the majority of the stupid people needs to be spayed and/or neutered for the future benefit of the human race. Thank you for reading this breif synoposis, and by all means, enjoy the video and/or begin sobbing into your pillow as you realize that the fate of the free world are in the hands of complete morons.

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