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  • Member: canal-chan
  • Title: Experimental Video
  • Premiered: 2000-05-30
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    • Binary Finary 1999
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  • Comments: Twin Signal has been one of my absolute favorite manga series for a long time. I have to blame my good friend Amy for that, though. She's the one who got me interested in it in the first place. Nevertheless... I love this series, and felt... that I could attempt to make a music video for it from the three episode OAV series that was created for it.

    ...maybe I should think again.

    I don't know if I'll attempt to recreate it, but I can tell you this... This video -was- HIGHLY experimental. It was to see if I could even come up with enough footage from the anime to put to a song. I could -barely- pull out enough to work for 3 minutes. x.x;;; Maybe I need another song, or... look over what I've got a bit better, but that was the most painful period of video capturing that I've had to put up with. X.x;;;

    The source is pathetic, because it's on a several gen fansub copy, but I never had any plans to enter this into anything or the like, so... I figured that if it worked out, I might make it after buying a new source (which I have now, I have the original LDs for the series). Also, this is after the time I marked for the death of my STB card, which means that the capturing quality is really bad too. I dunno what happened to it, but I had to uninstall and reinstall it FOUR times during the capturing process. *twitch*

    I'll say it again. This was a painful video to do.

    I will probably do it again, though. Let's just hope it's not as bad of a process to do a second time. I know what I need and where to get it, etc etc... And maybe my new card, whatever it is, will be a lot more effecient with working with this series.

    The song 1999 was mixed by a British artist known as Binary Finary. There are multiple versions of it, and multiple versions of the same melody named after the year its released (1998, 2000, 2001... etc). I originally heard it on a CD called 'The Best Trance Anthems Ever' and when I heard this version off of a Euphoria CD, I felt that it would work out for Twin Signal.

    It does. o.o;; Sorta. I just... gotta tweak it a bit. ^^;;

    Also, as with all my videos, I do appreciate feedback on them. So if you can find the time, please send comments on this video. They would be greatly appreciated.

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