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  • Member: RubyHatchet
  • Studio: FangirlFriday
  • Title: No Life King
  • Premiered: 2003-02-01
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  • Song:
    • Toadies Possum Kingdom
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  • Comments: 2003/04/01
    Well, my job has prevented me from attending ACen, so I uploaded the video now rather than later.

    Though I doubt anyone is watching this description for updates.
    I've been revising my video everytime I see it, and except for one timing problem that I'm going to fix this weekend, I think the video is much, much, much better. The video quality is pretty good as far as most videos downloaded from, but it's not going to be DVD-quality because I compressed my originals so that they would fit onto my HD. The originals are pretty, but re-divxing them into the video took away some of the prettiness. A life lesson, I suppose. ^_^

    I made this video using Adobe Premiere 6.0, and ripped the video from my DVDs. It's amazing how well some footage fits the song. Of course, it all looks pretty good, but there are two particular scenes that get me excited every time I see them coz they just work. And this video, though it does center around Alucard and Celas, has enough to make this an *overall* Hellsing video.

    The lyrics to Possum Kingdom are very suggestive (especially in reference to vampire themes): such as "I can promise you / You will stay as beautiful / With dark hair / And soft skin / Forever...forever" That sounds to me like being immortal. Anyway, the song also has tons of interesting guitar riffs and trills, so I had fun putting in shots that matched. So going by the lyrics, which the video follows if it can, this amv is basically Alucard asking Celas if she wants to become a vampire and stay by his side forever.


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