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  • Member: canal-chan
  • Title: Stay With Me
  • Premiered: 2000-05-16
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    • Shakespear's Sister Stay
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  • Comments: Mpg version now available! Download and enjoy! ^-^

    You know... It feels like I'm the only person here who is familiar with the anime St Luminous Mission High School. o.o;; This is a very obscure series by the creators of El Hazard and Lain... And you can see it. Sorta.

    It's about a boy named Kaihei Kijima who becomes the headmaster of St Luminous at his grandfather's death. The request was one of the things mentioned in the will. Also, Kaihei is told to protect the girls of this school.

    Well, that's a hard task to do when something or someone is causing them to vanish one by one and without a trace or explanation. Because of these vanishings, Kaihei is thrown into the mystery of discovering what has happened, where they have gone, and how to get them back... But it becomes a more and more twisted problem the fruther he dives, seeming to rely completely on what his grandfather knew and the school's past.

    The song "Stay" fits this series very well mostly in tone. The haunting feel found in the vocals expresses the mood of the series within its last half.

    Oddly enough, I was wanting to do a music video to this series to kind of let people know more and more about it, because of it's obscurity, and I had no clue of what song to use for it. I found this one particular one on accident even. I guess I was lucky, huh? I had a wav file of a clip of it. in fact, the clip was the first line of the tone change half way through it. The moment I heard that, I knew that was the song to use. I put that line in a search engine and found the song and downloaded it. wai! ^.^

    This video was created using an STB TV Card for the video captures while I used Quick Editor for compiling the music video. As always, I decoded the mp3 to wav to use in the video through WinAmp.

    I want to remake this video, though, because this is the one my STB card died during. I attempted to make another video later after this one using that card, but the quality of it is so bad that it's painful. Once I can get a functioning capture card that actually LIKES capturing anime, I'll remake this one using Premier. Maybe the timing will be a lot better then as well. ^.^

    Also, as with all my videos, I do appreciate feedback on them. So if you can find the time, please send comments on this video. They would be greatly appreciated.

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