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  • Title: Let's Do It!
  • Premiered: 2002-12-25
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    • The Urge It's My Time to Fly
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  • Comments: Well, let's just say- WOW!

    This is the first AMV I've ever done where I intentionally put GOOD action in it. It turned out great.

    The AMV is basically this: Gene Starwind character profile revolving around his cockpit-phobia.

    Yeah, I know Gene gets over his phobia pretty quick in the series, but hey, this song was really cool and had "Father be with me tonight" as one of the lyrics, as well as "It's My Time to Fly" So I was like "All right!" Plus some forum people were stating their wern't enough Outlaw Star AMVs up here. I think there's plenty as it's way over in the 100's. But hey, I'm contributing anyway.

    Before I go on to the breakdown of the whole story, here's the nitty gritty.

    TURN ONS: wmv format. kind of good vid quality, high speed char profile/action entertainment, really cool song. . . It's a free Xmas gift!

    TURN OFFS: semi-good music quality, vid feed is a little "Jumpy"(Due to lazy subtitle removal, but this only happens in ONE spot).

    ANd now for the breakdown. If you're still reading this, yay! If you stopped cuz you don't wanna read this- boo!

    Alrighty. We start out with the Outlaw Star flying in view, and then some "catchy" light up stuff. I didn't really have anything to put there, so I bought time ^.^ By the way, I only used 4 episodes and the Japanese opening. For that, this turned out REALLY well.

    Okay, after the "intro" we have Gene with a wierd face as if to say "Oh great" in a sarcastic tone, then the introduction to Hilda and Horus. Horus begins to take off, and Gene doesn't like it.

    Everyone but him has jobs to do on Horus(That's Hilda's ship, if you haven't seen Outlaw Star) and Gene's left all alone while Hilda's Piloting. Then it shows everyone's jobs on the Horus. Gene is trying not to throw up while pirates(?) are after the ship.

    Gene takes a drink to really try and hold it in. He wants off. Right now.

    Now, The Cartl Cartl empire's ship is in the way. Introduction to them, Horus speeds up to bypass the huge ship, get rid of the people chasing after them. Meanwhile, Gene is having trouble keeping his lunch in.
    Gene's dad and a picture of him and his dad flash into view right before the ship goes into sub-ether drive. That's why Gene's afraid of ships. . . You'll see the lowdown on it later.

    Now, Hilda holds Gene in a firm grasp "Are you just going to keep running?!" Gene recaps briefly on why he's got cockpit-phobia.

    Now, Gene is REALLY capping back, because he's remembering what happened WHILE he was forced to take the controls of Horus.

    Still, even on the ground and daily "missions" the day of what happened to his dad on that ship haunts Gene.

    Now Gene is, at first-hand, trying to pilot his ship, the Outlaw Star. Muttering under his breath "Father be with me tonight"(This is the only part intentionally lip synced) so maybe he won't puke all over everything.

    But still, what happened that day with his dad haunts him.

    Now is the introduction to most of the main characters. . . As well as some nice action scenes.

    At this moment, Gene is REALLY in a pickle, as he's trying to lift off the ship, and for some odd reason, his mind isn't recapping what happened that day to him and his father.

    Gene's finally got his courage up, his taking the controls from Jim.

    Pirates are after them. . .

    This is the last action sequence, and the end. Gene's smiling as he pilots his Outlaw Star willingly, with no drawbacks. He's finally over his cockpit-phobia!

    I know that was an unusually horrible description. I don't know why it turned out that way, but it gets the point across.

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