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  • Member: Brad
  • Title: The World Moved On
  • Premiered: 2006-11-17
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    • This Will Destroy You There Are Some Remedies Worse Than The Disease
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    So a while back, I read something on ANN about Gin-iro no kami no Agito, or, Origin ~Spirits of the Past~. It sounded really interesting and the trailer looked kick ass. Plus, it was a Gonzo movie. It was bound to be quality. So when it became available on Region 2 DVD, I quickly snatched it up, but I really didn't have any immediate plans for it.

    This changed when VicBond007 IM'd me about two days before his submission deadline and asked if I had anything new to send to AnimeUSA. At the time, my newest video was a romance/drama video, and since I assumed that that category was already pretty flooded (plus I had already submitted it to 3 cons, which is my limit per video), I began brainstorming what I could do in two days, and Origin was the definite first thing that popped into my head. At this point, I had rough ideas for what I might do with the source, and it mainly boiled down to an instrumental action video. Well, also recently I had picked up the new album by an AMAZING new post-rock band, This Will Destroy You (the album is "Young Mountain". Go get it). The last song on the album really stood out to me, and so, I got to work.

    I started by editing the song down. The original song is 6:18, and I was able to edit it down to 2:36. You might notice one of the edits in the song. I won't say where it is, but suffice to say, believe me I TRIED to make it sound as good as it could, but that was the best I could do :-

    By the time I had the source ripped and prepped and my audio ready, I essentially had 18 hours left before the deadline. I had my work cut out for me, but I was able to get the entire thing done in essentially 2 days, with the largest chunk of it done on the first day. It ended up being a very enriching editing experience. Everything seemed to flow just the way I had it in my head. All in all, I ended up being very pleased with the outcome. I wouldn't say it's my best video ever, but nonetheless, I like it :)


    Programs Used: Adobe Premiere 6.5, Adobe Photoshop CS
    Time spent editing: 16 hours
    Opening audio: Boards Of Canada - Sherbert Head
    Ending audio: M83 - Violet Tree

    It's a pretty beefy encode, so if you are viewing it and notice that it seems to be lagging, you might be better off viewing the XviD version.

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