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  • Member: canal-chan
  • Title: The World I Know
  • Premiered: 2000-03-26
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    • Collective Soul The World I Know
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  • Comments: Finally. I have an mpg version of the video. Download and enjoy. ^.^

    This is a video idea that I originally wanted to do to Spike and Julia... But... I think I'm kinda glad that I changed the subject of the video to Faye Valentine instead.

    I think that Faye is a fairly tragic character, and the feeling behind the lyrics of this song fit her very well. Especially when she starts to come to understand her past and who she is. She begins to understand the world that she sees around her for the first time in many many years.

    This video was created with the use of an STB TV Card to do the video captures, while the video was compiled using Quick Editor, much like the others. Oh, and I didn't mention on the others that my captures came from the use of my Pioneer CDL-680 (I think... o.o;;) LD Player as well. ^^

    There's not much else to say about this video other than that, though... Except for the fact that I want to remake it. There's a lot of little mistakes I've made in the timing that I'd like to correct at some time.

    I've entered this video in the Anime Expo '00 Music Video contest.

    Also, as with all my videos, I do appreciate feedback on them. So if you can find the time, please send comments on this video. They would be greatly appreciated.

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