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  • Member: Paty Punk
  • Title: GTA Elfenlied City {Intro}
  • Premiered: 2006-11-18
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    • Grand Theft Auto Intro
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  • Comments: I think this Video turned out nice ^_^

    I was thinking of one of my favourite Games (GTA) and was thinking how awesome it would be if there would be a cheat or something that would make the player to a Diclonious like in Elfen Lied =O I though I would be damned awesome..then I thought..It would be even more awesome if the Game would actually be like that from the Beginning..

    SO I got the Idea to edit an Opening to it..I tried to make it look like the real GTA Opening..but..since I can't mask or chromakey anything with Windows Movie Maker 2 (the Programm I used) it was pretty hard..but I still think I did a nice job with, I hope you enjoy the Video and like my Idea ^^; Feedback is of course greatly apprecicated.

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