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  • Members: Incanus1225, Nygmatech Enterprises
  • Studio: Lawrence Productions
  • Title: Anime Sings & Swings
  • Premiered: 2006-11-15
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    • Weird Al Yankovic Polkarama
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  • Comments: So, just so you know, we really really really hope you like us by now. Please? Pretty please?


    There are whopping thirteen (the luckiest number in the universe) series we used for this video. Eleven are from actually paid for DVDs, chock full of *explitive deleted*-tected goodness. The others, we got in other ways. We... did some stuff we're not proud of in West Quahog.

    ANYWAY, How long did this video take? About a week and a half. This includes oodles of timing bugs and errors and pops to make everything look pretty. We tried. We really did. We even included a joke that NOBODY is going to get because, well, that's our luck.

    Seriously though. Somebody please get the joke. Want hints? We'll give you hints! We're desperate here, people! Nobody ever gets our jokes. Not just in videos. Everywhere. WE think we're funny. I mean, looks aren't everything but.... *ba dum bum chhhh*

    ANYWAY, we're sorry. We should have done this when we were more awake. We hope you like it, though. Much blood (mostly Nygma's), sweat (mostly G3m1n1's) and tears (only Nygma's) went into this.

    Also, new ending credits. We've decided that whenever Peter Griffin does a stupid little... 10 second diddy, we make it our new ending credits. As for Good/Bad Excel, that... pretty much reflects our video making process.

    Thanks for watching!

    Ja ne! ^_~

    RMT & G3m1ni

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