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  • Member: canal-chan
  • Title: Beginning
  • Premiered: 1998-12-27
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    • soundtrack Einhander - Beginning
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  • Comments: My first official music video. I didn't do any of the captures for it, they all came from DoGa's video samples that they have posted on their site. This video uses the CG clips from Lost Universe set to a high paced techno theme from the Einhander Soundtrack. Call it "being bored", I guess. I was also feeling kinda ill at the time. ^^;; It turned out good, all things considered, though.

    At least, I think it did. ^^

    I really felt like experimenting with timing on this video, though. For example, the parts with the psi-code final being fired and the ending. Those are a couple of things I'd like to point out for it. ^^ The quality could be a lot better, but... I didn't have the space for it and all. ^^

    Anyway... I created it, using Quick Editor and just changed the mp3 of the song I had into a wav file through winamp. Nothing too terribly fancy, as I had already downloaded the video clips. It has also become the opening movie for an LU game made in RPG Maker. Who knows what else I'll do with it. ^^;;;

    This video has been entered in the music video contest at Katsucon 7.

    Also, as with all my videos, I do appreciate feedback on them. So if you can find the time, please send comments on this video. They would be greatly appreciated.

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