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  • Member: Copycat_Revolver
  • Title: Dangerous Places (No One)
  • Premiered: 2006-11-14
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    • Trocadero No One
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  • Comments: Keep in mind that if you have not seen at least a few episodes of Bleach, this video may make very little sense to you. And if you are familiar with might not make sense anyway.

    I will keep this short: This is not an average Bleach video. And by that I mean it's not all action. Sorry. The idea here was to do an alternate to the Bleach storyline and hopefully contribute somthing unique the the bountiful flood of new Bleach videos on the org. It's definitely a Rukia/Ichigo vid but puts their relationship in different context.

    There was a lot of really painful Photoshoping that took place through the making of this video. I just wish at least half of it actually made it into the video. There was until recently a quick scene of Ichigo and Rukia fighting eachother, trading blows, but it ended up looking fairly crappy and it didn't fit the concept of the video anyway so I regretfully tossed it. Although some of the better ones did stay in (like the red reiraku sequence). I just hope my sorry attempt at special effects was not totally in vain.

    Red vs. Blue fans may recognize the music as that of Trocadero, the band that contributed the music to the popular web series.

    Here are the lyrics as they appear on Trocadero's Website along with a sample of the song. By the way, the music heard at the very end of the video is "Funny Farm", also by Trocadero. Check them out if you get a chance, they have an interesting sound.

    The Story: Basically, the idea is that the video centers around the idea of Ichigo meeting Rukia but never becoming a soul reaper (shinigami). [Notice how there are purposely no shots of Ichigo as a soul reaper] Ichigo becomes fixated on her and begans to seek her out.
    The video is a bit abstract at times, I admit. But my intention was to show the darker, dreamier side of Bleach which shone through best in the beginning of the series.
    Despite it's odd set up, I hope you enjoy it.

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