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  • Members: [FMF]theDarkSite, theDarkSite
  • Studio: Fastass MaaFackaz
  • Title: C'est La Vie - Memoires
  • Premiered: 2006-10-07
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    • Emerson, Lake and Palmer C'Est La Vie
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  • Comments: I can tell that this is my first AMV. Well, I have another one, which come first, but that AMV is not ready yet, so C'est La Vie - Memoires is the first absolutely completed AMV! What else can I say 'bout it - the idea came suddenly when i finished watching the anime One - true stories. The anime touched me and I started to listen songs until I found that one - C'est La Vie. The next minutes I found myself editing the main part of the AMV :P I didn't have any ideas about the future clip, I just wanted to create AMV with that anime/song combination!
    The AMV was ready long before the premiered date, but still, I didn't send it. I continued working on it, and the AMV (with some AE effects added) + The Credits was completely ready on that date. Then I sended it to the Contest - it won 2nd place in romance/sentimental and Best Concept :)
    Now about the AMV - it's not nothing special in this AMV - I didn't make some super unbelievable effects, because this is my first work with After Effects. The thing, that makes the AMV interesting, is the combination: The anime actually is a Hentai :D But here an AMV Romance, very touchable, even though it's a hentai ;) Many friends asked me what;s that anime, because they wanted to watch it. When I told them, that this is a hentai, they were shocked :D The best thing in this AMV is the concept - I thing that this clip shows you something unusual, something different. So watch it, and tell me what you think ;)

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