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  • Member: Metro
  • Studio: metro productions
  • Title: Pokemon Never Die
  • Premiered: 2002-12-22
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    • Tomorrow Never Dies teaser
    • Tomorrow Never Dies trailer
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    Best Trailer, Ohayocon 3 2003
    Best Parody, Maindwarp 2002 Fall/Winter Contest

    Well I guess this idea started when I watched the Read or Die OVA series with my local Anime Club. Thought the viewing of this enjoyable series, I kept thinking to myself that this was "James Bond with a Library Card". And I knew thought it would be great to see how many James Bond trailers have been made to the series. Much too my surprise I searched the database and found none. While I usually have a backlog of 3 or 4 amv ideas, I decided too push back my future projects and just do a quick little trailer.

    ROD to a James Bond trailer seemed like a great idea, especially since a new James Bond picture was about to premier. While I could have used "Die Another Day" trailer/teaser audio for the parody, I luckily decided to look at some older Bond films to see if I could find something better. When I stumbled upon the "Tomorrow Never Dies" trailer, I knew that this was the source material for my little ROD trailer. While not perfect, I found the trailer, and particularly the ending, to be perfectly suited for a joke at Pokemon's expense.

    The trailer audio did need some work though. First, I replaced the introduction "Bond, James Bond" with audio from the teaser, which I found to be a little more ironic ^_^. Regretfully, I also had to remove the sequence between Q and Bond. This scene involved Q and Bond discussing the Insurance needs of Bond's new BMW, spliced with scenes that appeared later in the movie showing Bond destroying the car. ROD has very few car related scenes and I couldn't make the audio and the footage match up convincingly.

    So putting together Pokemon and ROD sounded like a good idea. I mean hell, how hard could it be. Just open up After Effects do a little Photoshop and BAM you would have a good video.
    I HATE After Effects
    Well maybe HATE is a little strong, but damn, this was supposed to be just a little trailer that was supposed to take no time out all. While I did spend a lot more time then I intended on the "special effects" aspect of my video, it is far from perfect. The slap scene was the hardest to choreograph and still looks like donkey squeeze. Oh well, I enjoyed most of the other special effects. I tried to put a lot of detail into this video, and I hope that each time someone watches the video they will see something new.

    Oh yeah, this is my first time using Lip Syncing.


    ...yep that’s about all I have to say about the lip synching, its not great, its not bad, its just there ^_^

    - Metro Productions
    Jonathan Reed

    Wow, my trailer actually won at Ohayocon. I guess I was lucky enough to have a concept that
    made up for my lack of technical competence ^_^.

    I'm pleased to see that my little trailer won the parody catagory for Mindwarp's online contest. Congrats to all the winners and all who participated, and thx goes to Mindwarp and the judges for hosting the contest

    So umm evidently PND made it into the finals for COMEDY at ACEN even though i didn't enter it. *shrugs* Well I hope everyone liked it.

    Added a mpeg1 version

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