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  • Member: Haunter103
  • Title: A Message From Concerned AMV Editors
  • Premiered: 2006-09-23
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    • Concerned Children's Advertisers Don't Put It In Your Mouth
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  • Comments: UPDATE: Both versions (Corn and regular) are now available for direct download. so now you have more options, and can check out the corn version for interest sake. If you only plan to keep one though, I'd say stick with the local version.

    The AMV that was (apparently) too hot for the cons is now available on local!

    The audio was taken from an old children's public service announcement commercial that only aired in Canada, urging children not to stick foreign unknown objects/substances in their mouths. It featured two little fuzzy blue puppets with a ukulele, and later an entire slew of random animal puppet characters to drive the message home to impressionable young minds. I remembered about the commercial recently (if you can consider nearly a year ago to be recent :|) and decided to make it something twisted and wrong, using various crotch shots from different anime :P


    I tried to maintain that feel of multiple characters with the part near the end, which is what lead to so much rotoscoping work. This project was altogether too much effort for something that was only a minute long, and I pray I never have to frame-by-frame replace the hawk and eggplant from Osaka's hands during the backwards pan again : (the lengths I'll go to to come up with something interesting when I can't think of anything to fit the face-in-crotch theme)

    I should note that this is not the same version that you never saw at the conventions (Original AMV Title: "Do Not Put It In"). Originally, I had used Boku no Sexual Harassment in place of the Kujibiki Unbalance clips. This was of course for the Corn reference, and was provided to me by Aquasky herself. I changed it because after thinking about it, it didn't really fit. Normally corn does go in your mouth, but that wasn't what was being suggested in that scene :P.


    The Kujibiki balance version is what's on local, and wasn't what you probably didn't see at any cons (it showed at 5am to about 10 individuals who were completely lifeless after 7 lefts make a right and about 30 other CBR studio vids (damn you Pilk!))

    Btw, I put a spoiler tag on Please (Onegai) Twins, because technically, through the link to the audio and what's being said at that point, I kind of give away the big secret of the entire series, so just thought you should know if you REALLY cared which of them was the guy's sister :|

    Special thanks to Ileia, Niotex, Kitsuner and Aqua for helping me get some scenes (even if some didn't make the final version)

    *Won BEST SICK at AWA Expo 2006*
    *Disqualified from AC^3 2006 due to content* :P

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