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  • Member: VegettoEX
  • Title: Vogue
  • Premiered: 2000-11-14
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  • Song:
    • Madonna Vogue
  • Anime:
  • Comments: *** VIDEO PROCESS AND NOTES ***

    In theory, this would be my "first video." Technically, I'm not so sure that I'd consider it MY video (in either a personal or collaborative sense), but since I helped enough with it to warrant my name being in the end credits, I consider it enough of a work to list it as at least partially mine.

    I met Meri in September of 2000, when my freshman year of college began. Christ, a few months later we were ALREADY making music videos together. What a horrible, horrible foretelling.

    My sole purpose pretty much consisted of having MUCH better quality videos (mostly fansubs) than Meri could ever imagine owning, including some second-generation taped-off-TV "DragonBall GT" raw Japanese episodes from the very end of the series (mainly Super Saiya-jin 4 Gogeta; I'm so freakin' l337). I helped locate a vast majority of clips to use in the video, and made lots of suggestions on how to place them, where to place them, etc. I hadn't yet really gotten into the whole "digitally editing video" world yet, so all actual computer work was on Meri.

    The point of the video is that... well... "DragonBall" characters strike some pretty wacky poses throughout the series. There's actually quite a few instances of intended timing throughout the entire video; it even STARTS with Janenba lip-synching (we're sorry) and pointing. About three-quarters of the way through the video, you can see that we were running out of clips and ideas; the song's even edited.

    Not too sure about how long it took to make the video. A night? Two? We're not completely sure. Probably just one night; we both knew exactly where the majority of clips were (might have even had them pre-queued up).

    *** AVAILABILITY ***

    This file was hosted as an MPEG on "Daizenshuu EX" and as a RealVideo file on "Temple O' Trunks." It's no longer hosted on either site (in fact, we had pretty much forgotten its entire existence). You may or may not be able to dig it up on some P2P programs; there are at least two other "DragonBall" / "Vogue" videos out there. Ours does indeed have end credits, however, that list "Meri & VegettoEX." I deleted the MPEG from my hard drive LOOOONG ago; dunno if I ever bothered to back it up on CD. Meri's got a RealVideo file on her network at home, but it's pretty low quality...

    You won't find it. Heh.

    *** TECH STUFF ***

    CAPTURE: 320x240 uncompressed AVI
    PROGRAM: Adobe Premiere 4.2
    VIDEO SOURCE: "DragonBall Z" and "DragonBall GT" fansubbed / raw VHS
    AUDIO SOURCE: Madonna - "Immaculate Collection"; PCM .WAV
    OUTPUT: 320x240 uncompressed AVI

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