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  • Member: Melanchthon
  • Title: Viva La Sodomiti
  • Premiered: 2006-11-08
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    • south park La Resistance
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  • Comments: This is mostly a simple cut-based lipsynch-heavy video, and it's just a bit of fun. If you've seen Ouran and the South Park movie you can probably guess half the cast of this video right away. I could have cast everyone in humourously incongruous roles, but it's funnier this way.

    This video also has something of a plot. Terence and Philip are going to be executed by crossdressing showtune-singing feminazi lesbians because they oppress the whole of womankind by pandering to gullible yaoi fangirls, so Gregory decides to have a sing-song in order to win the affections of Terence and Philip's former customers by being all manly and sensitive and sparkly. He wouldn't have even bothered if the evil lesbians didn't want to ruin his singing career, but now that he's a part of the war he might as well play his role as best he can, so off he goes singing about fighting for what's good and right while hoping that his frequent costume changes delay things long enough for the execution to take place. Meanwhile, Gregory's right-hand man (who will have to remain Kyouya becouse he did such a good job of being the shadow king that he's not mentioned in the movie at all >.>) takes a break from writing homoerotic murder fantasies about Gregory in order to attend to the more pressing matter of the apocalypse that will occur if Terence and Philip are killed. His diary is booked solid for the next two months and he's not willing to reschedule, so he consults with Sheila (who, as Kyouya's secret lover, is really a triple agent working with the Resistance) and hatches a cunning plan in order to save Terence and Philip. He doesn't care about them either, but they bring in nearly as much money as Gregory and they're irreplaceable specialty items.

    The day of the execution arrives, and Gregory is _still_ poncing around. However, Kyouya has infiltrated the scene of the scene of the execution and is about to put his grand plan into motion...

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