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  • Member: Ciato
  • Title: Better Days
  • Premiered: 2006-10-08
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  • Song:
    • DragonForce Starfire
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  • Comments: It's been 4 years since my last music video. The sheer suckage of my previous video motivated me to try much harder with this one. I think my other video is still hosted on the internet somewhere, but I deleted the link to it from my videos profile on AMV because it embarassed me, even if it was only my second video ever.

    I got bored/inspired and started this video close to a year ago, four months and a fair amount of work later and my timeline was finished. However, I ran into some problems exporting and eventually gave up on trying.

    Fast forward 8 months and on a whim I decide to fiddle around with things and see if I can get it to export. Somehow I did.

    What I ended up with at first wasn't quite something I'd be proud of. It was then that I discovered the magic of AVIsynth. Now let me tell you right now, there are disadvantages to deciding to work with AVIsynth AFTER your timeline has already been completed. You can't use anything that will alter the framerate or else it will mess up your In-out points, and for some bizarre reason Premiere did not like it when I tried KillAudio on one of my scripts, even though I wasn't using any audio from that source. Now I was running into PROBLEMS and after spending a day or two on the forums pressing F5 I was able to come out with my finished product.

    Anyway, this is a standard action video. Tried to work in some lyrical progression where I could, (which is quite a few places, the song really fits in my opinion) giving the illusion of drama. I was just listening to this song and thought I could make a decent AMV to it.
    Lyrics go here if you're curious.

    There are about a quarter billion things that went wrong with this video in the technical aspect. The video quality isn't all I'd like it to be, and the audio quality sounds decent but I think it could be a bit better. There'll be many opportunities for me to fiddle with audio and video compression and AVIsynth to try to produce the best look and sound I can. But right now this video is about closure, and my own improvements as an editor, which I know at least 3 people (vicbond, jbone, and dbz_doomrider) can attest to. I know that the standards AMVs are expected to meet have risen substantially in the last 4 years, but I think that I'm ready to meet those standards and that is why I'm releasing this video.

    Special thanks go out to:
    dbz_doomrider for getting me into this mess
    Scintilla and WarpWind for being very patient with me on the forums~
    and Melissa for making me remember this thing :P

    Holy crap, upload's done, enjoy!

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