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  • Member: Niwa
  • Studio: Fumoffu Studios
  • Title: Right Now
  • Premiered: 2006-10-14
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  • Song:
    • SR-71 Right Now
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is my AMV entry on Uppcon: 07 that came second once again. I started this project august the 20th on summer and i had smooth start of the intro but i had still the same problem as my KGNE, it was scene selections on the second vers of the music and i had severals problem with the codec again in Premiere but i endured it and succeded at last. My intention on this video was the relation between Sagara and Chidori. Those lovely couples is having always harsh times since Sagara is a military maniac what Chidori used to called him. The song ''Right Now'' from Sr-71 gave me the perfect idea on making a music video with FMP Fomuffo. I went on and saw a various of videos on this song and i gained a lot of ideas meanwhile looking at them, specially on ''Girls are so beautiful, but still SO Danger's by Dark Angel19'' i copied some of the scenes that was nesessary from it but i gotta thank you since your AMV was the best so far with that song :) The lyrics was exactly matched with Sagara and Chidori prespective and it went smoothly all the way til near end. I wanted to try a new kind of effect that i saw on ''Reflections Of Style 3'' it was Unlimited's Rice FMP masterpiece that solved my trouble on my last minute on this video. It took me a whole day to just get it over with the ''Track Matte'' effect and it imporved my skills to so i gotta thanks Unlimited Rice as my savior. And of course i was totally amazed on every single pieces on ROS 3, you guys roxx :D As for my Fumoffu Studios isnt really a serious one, it was only something i made up since i dont have any others to join :( not that good yet. I hope you guys enjoy this as you enjoyed my previous one, this is my first time doing this type of AMV because i usually do romance and drama videos but i wanted to try something new once in a while :)

    Project was completed: 13th October 2006
    Comments: Went smoothly on the start til 2.00 where i used a new effect that i wanted to tryout and i succeded after a long day. I think this turned out quite good but its up to you guys :) all comments is welcome so i can improve :)
    Future project: I was thinking on joining ''The Harurism Epidemic'' :) since many appreciate ''The Melancholy Of Suzumiya Haruhi '' I wont reveal anything quite yet.

    She clings to me like cellophane,
    Fake plastic submarine,
    Slowly driving me insane,
    But now that's over.

    So what if the sex was great,
    Just a temporary escape,
    Another thing I grew to hate,
    But now that's over!

    Why you always kick me when I'm high,
    Knock me down till we see eye to eye
    Figured her out
    I know she may not be Miss Right
    She'll do right now
    She'll do right now

    I used to hang on every word,
    each lie was more absurd
    Kept me so insecure
    but now that's over

    She taught me how to trust,
    And to believe in us,
    And then she taught me how to cuss
    That bitch It's over

    You know I used to be.. such a nice boy

    ::Guitar Solo::

    She clings to me like cellophane,
    Fake plastic submarine,
    She's driving me insane,
    But now that's over.
    (But now that's over.)

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