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  • Title: From Me 2 U
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    • Reggie and the Full Effect From Me 2 U
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  • Comments: *** VIDEO PROCESS AND NOTES ***

    This video was created in-between "Anchor" and the first release of "Falling Down" (which was right before "Hit or Miss").

    Another "experimental" video for me using DVD captures. This one probably took two days, I believe. What's REALLY neat about this video is that I was using our OLD 14" monitor (I left my 19"-er at school for the break), and this monitor shows everything REALLY dark... severe lack of brightness. OK, so I'm a moron and forget this, and beef up the brightness ten-fold on the captures.

    Real smart move, I tell you. REAL SMART.

    I can count on one hand the number of people that have POSSIBLY seen this video. I can confirm two (myself, Meri). The other two possibles are my freshman roommate Matt (he wouldn't remember it if you asked), and my current roommate / friend from high school Andrew (he'd deny knowing me if you asked, so it's the same thing).

    I tried "timing" things intentionally throughout the video for my first time. There's really no plot; it's just scenes that I thought fit the mood at random points of the song from the one movie. Guess that's just another bad action video.

    *** AVAILABILITY ***

    You won't find this video. I never even put it on my site. As far as I know, this video has never been duplicated (with the exception of the time I burned it to CD so I could delete it off my hard drive). This means that the ONLY copy EVER is on a CD-R in my room in the crusty, old, broken CD binder.

    *** TECH STUFF ***

    CAPTURE: 320x240 uncompressed AVI
    PROGRAM: Adobe Premiere LE
    VIDEO SOURCE: "DragonBall Z: The Movie - The Tree of Might" domestic DVD
    AUDIO SOURCE: Reggie & the Full Effect - "Promotional Copy"; PCM .WAV
    OUTPUT: 320x240 uncompressed AVI
    DISTRIBUTION: ? MB (Xing MPEG Encoder)

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