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  • Member: VegettoEX
  • Title: Anchor
  • Premiered: 2000-12-22
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    • Less Than Jake Anchor
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  • Comments: *** VIDEO PROCESS AND NOTES ***

    This was a one-hour (maybe two?) production one night over winter break my freshman year, I believe. I was "experimenting" with capturing footage from my DVD player via the S-cable, and since "Trigun" doesn't have Macrovision encoding... uhh... yay, it worked. Unfortunately, like about TWENTY BAGILLION ZILLION OTHER VIDEOS, all that was out was disc one of "Trigun," so I made a video to it using only disc one... even worse, only the first episode.

    Yes, once more... retard am I.

    There's a few little dinkets of timing here and there, like the opening with the gunshot. God, just like "Better Off Dead," I can't bring myself to actually WATCH the video to do some real commentary on it... plus, I just don't know where it is at this moment. Probably back at school in the crusty, un-used CD binder.

    There's a point where I try to lip-synch Vash's mouth movements to the horns (doesn't work... well, kinda). I even get the name of the CD wrong at the end of the video "Shorts Songs for Short People," not "Short Music for Short People." PLUS, I didn't even have the CD at the time, so I just used an MP3 I had ripped from a friend's CD (I own the album, now, obviously).

    I actually still get e-mails every once in a while from either Less Than Jake fans or "Trigun" fans telling me it's a good video. [insert screaming, tearing out of hair, and death threats to moronic fans] Sometimes, the subject message will be something like "Cool Trigun video!" and I'll think it's about "Alone in the World," but it'll just be this. [I hate them all, I hate them all, death to them]

    .... WHY?!?!?

    *** AVAILABILITY ***

    This is one you can probably dig up on a P2P program. Either type in "Trigun," or more likely, "Less Than Jake" for video results, and I'm sure it'll come up. I made a 9 MB encode later with TMPG, but the one you'll find is just the 4.02 MB encode from Xing, which is the only one actually ever RELEASED.

    *** TECH STUFF ***

    CAPTURE: 320x240 uncompressed AVI
    PROGRAM: Adobe Premiere LE
    VIDEO SOURCE: "Trigun" - Volume 1 domestic DVD
    AUDIO SOURCE: "Short Songs for Short People"; MP3 rip decode to wav
    OUTPUT: 320x240 uncompressed AVI
    DISTRIBUTION: 4.02 MB (Xing MPEG Encoder)

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