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  • Member: Gnuffiehot
  • Title: Utaware_Hardcore_Remix
  • Premiered: 2006-11-05
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  • Song:
    • DJ Tjon October 2006 remix
  • Anime:
  • Comments: I got bored and decided to pick up AMV's again. Making this video reminded me of how much I like doing this:). I set 3 conditions for myself when making this little AMV:

    ~I had to finish it within 3 and a half hours.
    ~I had to use hardcore music
    ~I could only use 5 minutes of uncompressed footage (No more free space on disk T_T)

    Anyways, Those things combined make for an aweful AMV, which was awesome to make. I hope you guys like it a bit. Don't expect too much though.

    Ps: I know, I got bored at the end and made the effects repetative. I was nearing my time limit >.>
    Ps2: Epileptic people might not want to watch this.

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