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  • Member: Miracle_Falcon
  • Title: Give Negi a Shot to Remember
  • Premiered: 2006-11-04
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    • My Chemical Romance The Sharpest Lives
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  • Comments: Alrightee, another AMV. And here I was hoping I'd never make another using windows movie maker, but lo and behold, I have yet to purchase a better editing program. Because I'd rather spend my money on DVDs, model kits, anime conventions, so on and so forth. That is, however, largely beside point now. The fact is that, while on a few days ago, I saw that there was a codec to help play their videos. Considering I had recently downloaded the Negima!? OVA from them, and it had refused to work, I downloaded it. Upon the codec's installation, I realized many of my videos that had previously had the DIVX icon down in the bottom right hand corner played free from the mark, which was a relief indeed, as it was, admittedly, getting to be an annoyance.

    I got to thinking at this point. The reason I haven't entered any of my previous AMVs into anime convention contests was always that it did not meet the criterion. The last AMV I made, "How to Bring Back a Life" to Fullmetal Alchemist and the Fray's song "How to Save a Life," I had not entered into the convention I was considering because of the infernal DIXV logo that got stuck in there during the video editing process. Now, admittedly, I could crop it off, but last time I tried that, the video quality had come out so poorly that it negated whatever merit it previously had, so there went that idea.

    So now I no longer had to deal with that logo at the bottom of the screen, meaning I could make an AMV with less to diminish the professional appearance I attempt to gain whenever I make a video. I had also been stocking some anime free of subtitles lately, consisting of new series out this fall in Japan. This meant I had episodes 1, 2, 4 and 5 of Negima!? Raw. I thought I had the third, but when I noticed I didn't, I promptly downloaded it in what must be a record bittorrent speed for my computer. This pleased me. So there I had the photage I need, but what of the music?

    I had originally listened to clips of the new My Chemical Romance CD on iTunes, and I had not been initially impressed. However, upon getting an AMV to the song "The Black Parade," my opinion of the entire CD changed, and I purchased it. Given my habits of listening to a song over and over and over, it was a little bit before I noticed the song "The Sharpest Lives," which was right before "The Black Parade," on said CD. I looked up an AMV to it, and there wasn't one posted. I also noted that, at least from what I could find, there was only one pure Negima!? AMV out, which I watched and enjoyed. Kudos to Gamaker for that, go download that AMV if you need a song with a fun tone to it. Mine's quite a bit darker. But I digress. There were no AMV's out to the song "The Sharpest Lives." Something had to be done.

    So I have a song, the anime clips necessary, and a substandard, but admittedly working video editor. Everything just clicked. The lyrics have a lot of lines about kissing, and with five episodes out and 3 pactio kisses (and one kiss to the forehead), this worked well. There are lines about the "sharpest lives," from which the title is obviously derived, which I used scenes from Asuna and Chachamaru's sword fight for, along with clips of Eva's sharp dark magic attacks and a scene with Setsuna using her sword. There're the lyrics, "a light to burn all the empires so bright that the sun is ashamed to rise and be in love with all of these vampires." The light burning the empires involved lighting from episode 4, the scene where Eva looks out on the city in the night, and the scene where the tree that attacked our heroes in episode five explodes. The vampires where self explanitory, in terms of Evangeline. There are more reasons why the song lyrics fit, but at this point, most of you have probably stopped reading.

    If you're still reading this, feel reassured. You are a good person.

    So there you have it. This is my... *Counts vaguely upon his fingers*...Tenth actual anime music video, 11th if you count the Asian Studies final project I did. Yes, I loved that class, I got to make an anime music video detailing the basic genres in anime, and it counted for my exam grade Counting non-anime related projects, this is my 14th project. I no longer have the first music video I made, which was never posted and got deleted when my computer decided it did not like me anymore, but I still have my second, another that was never posted. I watch that one, and I know how far I've come. This is, in my humble opinion, one of the absolute best anime music videos you can find that made use of the windows movie maker program. Watch. Enjoy. Leave an opinion.

    Once again, for emphasis:


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