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  • Member: mounkeygirl
  • Title: Lolo Came Back
  • Premiered: 2006-11-03
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    • Raffi The Cat Came Back
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  • Comments: I wanted to get this AMV done be Halloween but unfortunantly, I finnished my last one three days before and I just don't work that fast... Anywho, this is my tribute to Lolo, the creepy alian cat from our parralell universe of Brigadoon.

    Seriously though, Lolo really creeped me out when he first came up O_O When I bought this anime for the first time I was buying it over the internet a couple DVDs at the time (As far as I know there is no box set) So-any-who it was around Halloween and mom bought this creepy looking cat about 4 feet tall holding a pumpkin and my first reaction was "ARgh! It's Lolo!!!" So it being around Halloween I was listening to old tapes and found this song again and thought "Ahh... I feel like a lolo tribute..." So here it is. I can't say the instramentle is the greatest, but the lyrics are twised/funny, so I think that more or less makes up for it.

    Watch. Opinion. Fear Lolo.

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