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  • Member: Mamo!
  • Studio: Visualized Nightmare Studios
  • Title: Morning Star
  • Premiered: 2006-11-02
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  • Song:
    • The Rasmus No Fear
  • Anime:
  • Comments: **Contest Results**
    WAI-Con 2006: Best Action
    Katsucon 13 Anime Music Video Awards: Best Action

    I've always wanted to make a video to Chrono Crusade. Fortunately, I stumbled upon the band, "The Rasmus" and thus started editing...well, not immediately since I had no idea what to use for this song until I thought of Rosette. But anyway, this is a bit different from what I usually do mainly because I didn't use Sailor Moon this time *gasps*. It was nice though to use a different source. I wanted this video to be filled with action..and drama too of course. After all the error messages, beta testing, and random suicidal thoughts, the video is finished.

    A big thanks to my beta testers (a long list ^^';): Fall_Child42, JaddziaDax, jade_eyed_angel, JenCM18, jubjub2, Kristyrat, Koopiskeva, Narutobattousai (Batto!), Radical_Yue, Reigna, SacredArrow18, ScoobINSMDBZ, Shinodude, Sierra Lorna, silver_moon, Valion, and especially anyone else I may have forgotten...and I really appreciated hearing your thoughts and tips as the video progressed.


    Other title suggestions by Koopiskeva, Fall_Child42, and JaddziaDax:
    Yes, Yes, Deeper Girl, Yes
    No No No, Deeper, No
    Destination, Girl
    Hey, It's Not a Sailor Moon Video!
    Poison Swan Goes Deeper Into the Girl
    Shining Destiny
    Glowing Fear
    I Wanna Touch It
    Open Up Your Dirty Window
    Chrono Crusade - No Fear
    Naruto - Seizure of Power
    Whisper of the Beast
    I'm Gay for Bridget
    Rosette Looks Like Bridget
    Koop Is Gay for Bridget (already taken apparently)
    Destination, Your Eyes, Girl
    Eyes of Destination
    Koop's a Jew
    Chrno Strikes Back

    Programs Used:
    Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
    Adobe Photoshop 7
    The Fun Stuff in AMVapp

    If you are having trouble viewing the mp4, open it with VLC PLAYER, and it will play just fine.
    Or, you can download the avi from the direct link, but it isn't as shiny. =P

    Well, I hope you enjoy the video and feedback is always apprecated. ^_^

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