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  • Members (10): Dezbo21, CodeZTM, Deuce Loosely, Kai Stromler, Melanchthon, Uanime5, bishounenaddict, doomer000, niji tsuki, princess myu
  • Title: Done To Death: An AMV Graveyard
  • Premiered: 2006-10-31
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Anime Show Theme From Paradise Kiss
    • Anonymous Banana Phone
    • Anonymous Toccotta and Fugue
    • Batman: 1960s Batman Theme Song
    • Danny Elfman Beetlejuice
    • DDR Candy
    • Disney singing ghosts
    • Drowning Pool Bodies
    • Linkin Park In The End
    • Queen Bicycle Race
    • Spaceballs quotes
    • Steve Boeddeker Theme From The Exorcist
    • Sum 41 Makes No Difference
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is the result of a contest that was held from February to September 2006. The point was to make the worst possible AMV to the overused and over done themes that were presented.

    From the very begining this project was cursed as a video so crappy no one would watch it.
    The video itself was made several times over in many different formats. Every last one of thiem crashed. in fact this version is a resurrected one from the original that was prepared for post. the night before halloween, the file was declared corrupted and un openable, so, I was forced to start over again with a new video editor.

    Sadly, the editor would not support one of the collabortor's files. Melanchthon's watermark video would not make it through, but I have still included them as a collaborating editor since they did win that round, and they were in the original version.

    This video was not really made for it's techinical aspects, but more as a visual guide for new editors on some things they may or may not want to do.

    Any how, it was still a fun creative exercise for all that participaed, and I enjoyed seeing everyone's ideas.

    I have altered most of the videos to make them a little more bearable/enjoyable, but not by much.

    If you want to see them in their original form, check out the website. It will link you to the craptastic Productions YT page where all of these are housed

    enjoy the video, if you dare.

    (Update: Candy is by Riyu Kosaka Thank you Scintilla.)

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