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  • Member: OtherSideofSky
  • Title: Beware the Jabberwock
  • Premiered: 2006-10-30
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    • Metalica The Memory Remains
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  • Comments: I spent two months making this, mostly because I needed to wait for the last two DVDs to arrive, and I feel tat it's my best video to date. I had to edit using VOB files and then clean the footage later because my editing software has difficulty using either AVI or AVS files but the video quality is still better than before. the longest clip I used in this was two thirds of a second long, which accounts for the time taken to make the finished video. I also cut out about 20 seconds near the end of the song so that the last "nanana..."s are shorter because I ran out of footage that I could use without detracting from the video's narrative.
    This video is a profile of the Jabberwock from Project ARMS and as such includes a lot of action scenes because the Jabberwock literally exist to fight. There is some footage of Ryo and Alice as well because they are integral to the character and story of the Jabberwock throughout the series.
    I hope you like the video and please leave opinions.

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