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  • Member: Vickicup
  • Studio: New Era Productions
  • Title: Tails & Cosmo - My Heart Will Go On
  • Premiered: 2006-10-08
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    • Celine Dion My Heart Will Go On
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  • Comments: I've decided that my next AMV should be dedicated to Tails and Cosmo. In any case you have no idea what the intro is about, it is about the result of the discovery on the secret behind Cosmo. Ok... I mean that they've just discovered that Cosmo was actually a spy (un-intentionally) for the Metarex (the bad guy) and Knuckles wants to prevent further endangerment of his team by saying that Cosmo's "spying equipment*" should be removed. However, Tails objects his decision.

    *The Metarex, ever since they have first met Cosmo, have somehow implanted some kind of connection in Cosmo's eyes and ears. This is such a connection that whatever Cosmo sees and hears, can all be heard by their leader, Dark Oak (That is why even Cosmo doesn't know about it, and that makes her an un-intentional spy).

    This is the "make-up" video for the original video, "Tails & Cosmo - Broken". That was suppose to be the original video but as the forum states, all songs from Evanescence, Seether & Creed will not be accepted anymore due to special reasons(Check out the forum for this). Some lucky number 7 is.

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