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  • Member: Kristyrat
  • Studio: Visualized Nightmare Studios
  • Title: Psychosomasis
  • Premiered: 2006-10-28
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    • Flesh Field Voice of Dissent
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    -- Best Action - Animania Con Ja Nai XIII
    -- Best Drama - Kumoricon 2007

    Psychosomasis, Verb
    1. The act of applying psychosomatic strength over mind and body.
    2. The influence of the mind on the body's health, on future events.

    Well, once again, it's been, what, 5 months? It appears I'm not so fast an editor :P
    Anyway, first of all, this video was an absolute blast to make. Ergo Proxy is an incredible series, and I knew I wanted to edit with it as soon as I saw the first few eps. Editing went fairly smoothly, I had fun experimenting with some new effects, but I definately reverted to my more basic style of overlays and subtleties.
    So yeah, the editing was quite smooth, it wasn't until I started working with the final encodes that the troubles arose. Namely, a fairly catastophic hard drive crash, resulting in a complete loss of project files, huffyuv renders and source footage. So in the end, I was left with very limited space in terms of modifications to be made.
    Not only that, but I had neglected to realize that x264 encoding has a breakdown when the resolution isn't mod16 (width and height divisible by 16), my huffy being 720x404 (widescreen) of course wouldn't fit these requirements. So long story short, I letterboxed the huffy for the x264 release, and the XviD is the original resolution.

    One thing to note, I've had a few people ask about the song. It is Voice of Dissent by Flesh Field, just a version I edited down myself to simplify things a little, so that's why it may sound a little different to those who know the song well :P

    Onto the nitty-gritty, shall we?
    The Story
    Yes, believe it or not, I've once again tried to incorporate a story into a dramaction video. Through my various beta tests, I got very mixed results in this respect, but more on that later. :P
    **Spoilers, kinda**
    Essentially, we have RE-L, who is pulled into a conspiracy (gasp) revolving around the evolution of the 'autoreivs', helper robots, that has caused them to grow conciousnesses, and to lash out against humanity. If you've seen the series, you can see where there are parallels, and I tried to play with these as much as I could. She is attacked by these robots, and will eventually have her death faked so she can investigate further. Cue investigation, and shift of views.
    Now we have Vince(nt), who is also being pulled into the fray, but as an 'innocent' bystander. He soon learns that he is far from innocent, and is in fact, a proxy. (Demi-gods meant to aid the establishment, and control the population) Conflicts ensue, and the climax arrives with his confrontation of RE-L, and as he kills her, 'for the greater cause'. We see that he was part of the conspiratorial machine, whether he wished it or not, and those orchestrating always win.
    **End kinda spoilers**
    I did have a second phase planned, which would reflect the title of psychosomasis a little more appropriately, but unfortunately due to the crash, you'll just have to wonder what that might have been.
    *cough cough* it was all a dream *cough cough*

    The Thanks
    Obviously, massive thanks to my beta testers, Kisanzi, Ileia, Fall_Child42, Warheart, Niotex, (JCD snuck in there somehow), and anyone else I may have forgotten to mention (many apologies if I have, that's what I get for having so many :x)
    I thoroughly appreciated all your input, and where it varied so greatly, I had the courage to say 'fuck it' and go with whatever looked best to me :P

    Once again, x264 = much higher quality, smaller file, but it's letterboxed. And if you can't play mp4s by this time, I'm not going to spoon feed you, get the XviD if it's really that big of a deal.
    The XviD is larger, less quality, but original resolution, so take your pick. :P

    Anyway, I guess this means there'll be about another 5 month interlude before you get to see another vid from me, so, savour this one?


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