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  • Member: Kariudo
  • Studio: Color of Down Studios
  • Title: I must protect
  • Premiered: 2006-10-27
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    • Daft Punk Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
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  • Comments: It is done.
    Over a year went into the making of this, mostly due to college (I also lost the sheet that had the hour totals that I worked on it, lost track at around 90 hours)

    Gundam Seed has a lot of talking and footage re-use...which made it a bit harder.
    I started off with one theme, protection...but that didn't work out so well.
    I really tried to stay away from action this time, but lack of suitable footage made that a bit harder.
    In the end, I ended up with three themes that mark distinct parts of the video.
    1: start-up, keeping with the rivalry between Kira and Atherun, each prepare for battle
    2: analyze (protect), the title is analyze, but this is also where protection comes into play. Zaft is portrayed as evil, which is seen by Kira who then begins to fight against Zaft.
    later on, the "enemy" starts to change.


    Kira and Atherun become allies (after the fight between them that destroys both of thier gundams)

    ****************end of spoiler***************
    3: Berserk, Kira fails to protect his target and is sent into his berserk state, anything around him becomes a target. This is pretty much where it goes into [kinda] random action.

    To help tie the action into the other themes, all of the action is very methodical/robotic in nature (as is the song).
    Instead of being fluid, the movements are supposed to be sharp and very deliberate

    Programs used:
    Adobe premiere pro 1.5 (NO MORE WATERMARK!!!)
    Adobe after effects 6.5

    for this one, I statred by following vicbond007's guide, but ended up using more of the technique laid out in eadfag. As a result, I decided to blend frames after de-interlacing (to avoid jerky motion) and had to do some more filtering after export (mainly consisted of deen() and vmtoon())
    I learned how to use AE in the middle of this project, and started using premiere pro at the start of this project. There aren't a lot of fx, but enough so that I feel I can open that as a score.

    for people who are really senstive about spoilers, this does include a few segments that might spoil minor plot points...but overall I don't feel that this video contains spoilers and it is marked as such
    thanks to Samurai Drifter for watching the betas

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