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  • Member: Arcane Azmadi
  • Studio: Dizzy Samurai Studios
  • Title: Love Heals the Broken
  • Premiered: 2006-09-23
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    • Placebo Blind
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  • Comments: WINNER: Best Drama - Animania 2006.

    ARCANE AZMADI: Conceived in a flash of inspiration, started on a whim and completed in a whirlwind of effort, 'Love Heals the Broken' is the 8th and almost certainly the best video Dizzy Samurai has produced to date. I'm a big fan of Placebo and from their latest album 'Meds' there was one track in particular that leapt out at me- Blind. Having only recently seen 'Le Portait de Petit Cossette' the two mixed together in my mind to make a very appealing idea. However, we were already working on 2 other videos and Meds proved to be a difficult album to rip (owing to unusually ironclad copy protection) so the idea went on the backburner.

    Shortly afterwards, it became obvious that neither of the 2 videos we were doing would be complete in time for the competition submission dates we were aiming for. About the sme time I managed to lay hands on an mp3 of Blind and, lacking any better ideas, literally cut lose on the AMV. 'Love Heal the Broken' is our most technically advanced AMV ever, but took barely a month to make, owing to several occasions when I spent entire days working on it (even faking a sickie from work to get the last few bits done in time for the deadline). That we were able to achieve such results in (what is for us, at least) such a short time speaks volumes for how much our skills have improved over the last year.

    After the AMV was fundamentally "finished" we spent just as long again polishing it to perfection and working on getting the most tightly compressed, best quality export we could manage. We didn't entirely suceed in the latter, but after a month I lost my patience a decided it NEEDED to go up, ready or not. The effort we put into post-production makes this version notably superior to the versions which were actually entered into the competitions at Manifest and Animania 2006.

    This video is a simple but powerful drama video about the two leads of 'Le Portrait de Petit Cossette', Cossette and Eiri, and their darkly tragic relationship. Obviously it is far better that you have seen the series beforehand, but the video should still be an engaging experience even if you haven't. It may be rather confusing, but the feel and themes should still shine through strongly. The AMV features easily our most elaborate effects ever, almost all of which were applied directly to the Adobe Premiere 6.0 timeline rather than using Aftereffects.

    I hope you enjoy 'Love Heals the Broken'.

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