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  • Member: Devil^Shin
  • Title: Devils Never Cry
  • Premiered: 2006-10-25
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    • David Baker & Shawn McPherson Devils Never Cry
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    *Anime South 2006 - Best of Show*
    *Animes BG AMV Contest - 2nd place in Action*
    *Animania Con Ja Nai XIII Contest Finalist*
    *Ohayocon 2007 AMV Contest Finalist*
    *Steel Editor 2007 React - 1st place in Action/Horror*
    *Steel Editor 2007 React - Best of Show*
    *VCA 2007 simi-finalist in - Best Action, Most Artistic, Character Profile, Best Use of Visual FX, Most Original*

    At last my new project its finish 100%. Its with anime Bastard ! and show what this anime is one of my favorite.


    Before 4 months i watch Bastard ! again ( i watch it 6/7 times ) and i realize there is no much good amv's of Bastard ! and decide to make one super duper amv's using that anime, to show good fighting moments and also little dramatic. So i start to work on 1 august and finish amv before couple of days. I also participate in some contest with beta version of DNC ( Devils Never Cry ).

    Technical part

    In this amv i put color effects on every single scene, to make quality better, because my episodes of Bastard ! isnt with great quality, because of that and file size its little bigger, but i think thats not a big deal.
    The song i use its from Devil May Cry 3 OST and its one of my favorite songs of all time, but i cut first part of the song, about 50 sec., because for me didnt fit very well with this anime.
    I also make little part with lipsync, but is too little to check lipsync in Technical Details.

    Technical info

    Programs used - Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, After Effects
    Time spend for editing - How should I know o0 many, many hours
    Time spend for export - 3+ hours , 3 beta version done

    Song lyrics

    Steal the soul for a second chance
    But you will never become a man
    I just wonder what makes me stronger
    In a life that craves the hunger
    Fade away in a quest for life
    Until the end, don’t judge me nice

    Stepping forth, the cure for soul's demise
    Rip the tears of the victim's cries
    Yearnin’ more to keep the suffer of a
    Brother demon as I put it under
    Kill before a time that killed them all
    Backstab the righteous law
    Serving justice that dwells in me
    Nothing comes as far as the eye can see
    The eye can see (x3)

    We are falling
    The night is calling
    Tears inside me
    Calm me down

    Bless me with a
    Leaf off of the tree
    On it, I see
    The freedom reign

    We are falling (The powers cruelly demand for madness)
    The night is calling (Upon a ticket to end the savage)
    Tears inside of me (The Blaze of Wrath; The truth of killing)
    Calm me down (True my father, the blood is bleeding)

    Midnight, Passing(A just trade for all to feel)
    Here softly sobbing (With menacing cries and victory squeals)
    Ground me with a (The goal before seems to satisfy)
    Lonely need (Which way to make them pacify)

    Bless me with a (I Just see torture, makes me stronger)
    Leaf off of the tree (In a life that craves the hunger)
    On it, I see (Ill fade away in a quest for life)
    The freedom reign (Until the end, don’t judge me nice)

    Praised to my father (Watch the footsteps, but never follow)
    Blessed by the water (If you want to live tomorrow)
    Black night, dark sky (Steal a soul for a second chance)
    The Devils cry (But you will never become a man)

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