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  • Member: mikestrife
  • Studio: Blurry Line Media
  • Title: i am small
  • Premiered: 2006-11-17
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    • Sia Breathe Me
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  • Comments: This AMV premiered at AC3 in Nov 2006. I'll admit it was kinda a rush job, I wanted to get it done in time for the deadline, and it really showed at first. I updated the parts I thought looked the most rushed, and while there are some parts that are still off time but I'm happy with the final product.

    While I was planing this video there was so much I wanted to capture with it. The idea I wanted to convey is that Arjuna's life is flashing before her eyes. There's alot I could say about what I was going for with the AMV but I hope that I got that across with the video.

    The additional clip in the video is from Gantz, don't know why I didn't include that in the anime section when I created the profile. I guess it was such a small clip I didn't think to.

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