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  • Title: Cecelia
  • Premiered: 2002-12-16
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    • Time Machine, the Stone Language
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  • Comments: This is a character profile on Pegasus. The song starts out really soft, so when the clip of Cecelia and Pegasus comes up, with the subtitles of " Who Loved a Man. . ." ajust your speaker volume level accordingly so you will hear the song. Don't turn them all the way up, or you'll pee your pants later, because in the end it gets really loud. So it goes with classical music ;) .

    I've cut the song "Stone Language" down. . . A LOT. The song was around 5 minutes long, and I got it to 1 minute 30ish seconds and it doesn't sound like "Well, THAT song was definetly cut out of something" Beloved classical music. Easy to handle and eadit.

    Please respect that there is one flaw in my vid. Everytime I tried to fix it, it got worse. I spent two days trying to fix it, and one month trying to get my text to work(I was working too hard- stupid me, I thought of Image matting at the LAST instant). Anyway, more about the flaw.

    When you see it you'll know what it is. It isn't exactly "small". But if you really think about it, it COULD be productive, so tell me what you think the flaw could mean(or if it's just an annoying thing) in your op if you leave one.

    As for the bugs(watermarks) I did not have the pleasure of DVD-ripping, however the video quality is good. I had two sources, one with a bug and one without one, but I didn't jump around, so in one second there's a bug, and the other there's not will NOT be happening. The beginning and middle is all filled with a constant bug, and in the very end there is none. I tried really hard to make that work out. If you ask me, I don't even notice the bugs, I'm too busy paying attention to the clips and subtitles.

    I did try to take the bigs out, but I couldn't, and the clips looked REALLY crappy when I finally did get one out of a single frame. I gave up and said "It looked better WITH the bug".

    I put a LOT of effort into this AMV. I've spent more time on it then anything I've ever done before(except maybe an RPG game) just for a 1 minute 51 second AMV. However, except for the flaw, I'm so proud that it came out this well.


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