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  • Member: yumi+chan
  • Studio: Celestial Moonlight Productions
  • Title: Wonderwall
  • Premiered: 2006-10-23
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    • Oasis Wonderwall
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  • Comments: Well this video is mainly about Hitomi and Van. I actually didn’t want to make a romance video, but of course there is a bit of romance in it. I wanted to show with this video that Hitomi is Van’s “wonderwall”, and that he needs her because of her "special powers"and she has often saved his life. So it is not focused on the romance between Hitomi and Van but on how Van's life is depending on Hitomi and her powers.

    Actually it was only a video to get familiar with premiere, but I have really spend a lot of time and effort with making it, so I really hope you’ll like it^^ And it was a lot of work to make the pendulum swing to the rhythm at the end of the video lol.

    Well I wanted to make some motion during the chorus, sometimes it looks a bit strange, but I didn’t like it without this motion ;)

    And of course I did some lyric sync again, I hope you’ll see that^^

    In this video I did lip sync for the first time. Well it's only at one part of the video, so it might seem to be a bit strange to some of you.

    Well it took quite a time to finish this video, because I had some problems when I’ve put the video on my new computer when it was half finished, but now I finally made it ^^

    And I want to thank my friend Miriam for lending me her DVDs and even giving me the CD where I got the song from ^-^

    So I hope you’ll enjoy the video and I hope to get some feedback from you ^^

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