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  • Member: Angeteen
  • Title: Lose It
  • Premiered: 2006-10-22
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  • Song:
    • "Eminem" just lose it
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  • Comments: I apologize for the large file size, but since it is extremly rare that I make anything this wakked out, I wanted to to make sure the quality was top notch. When making this video I did percisly what the song told me to do; to "just lose it." There's a lot of pushing of boundaries, a lot of going overboard with stuff, and a lot of stuff that is there just to make it look silly and nonsensical, in short, this video is good for a laugh. Also, even though Excel is the main character, she is the main character only by default. Even though most of it centers around her, I don't think there is much influence she gives to the video, except to help stabalize it (in other words, because this is going just completely nuts, some stablization is needed, and I think she serves that purpose admirably). As for thing 1 and thing 2 (the aliens, creppy looking guys, etc.) there used as a running joke throughout this video, let me know how you think there use went. Anyway, enough talk, enjoy the video, and please leave a review, even if it's only two words.

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