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  • Member: FallenMarvel
  • Studio: Phoenixlord Productions
  • Title: Old Skool Champloo
  • Premiered: 2006-10-18
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    • LL Cool J I'm Bad
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  • Comments: Phew, man! Talkin' about a long hiatus. Well it's been a long time coming, but I finally finished my latest AMV. I've been wanting to do a Samurai Champloo video for a long time and I got my chance. Also since it had been a long time, I decided to make a new video introduction. Trust me. It took more work than it looks. Maybe it's just me, but I haven't ran into any hip hop SC videos. Maybe I just missed them, but I rarely see any so I'm adding one to the mix. This is my second hip hop AMV and I'm sure it will be liked for the most part. So just so you guys won't worry too much on the music it's old school hip hop. Hence the name "Old Skool Champloo. The video does have a specific theme. It's more of a tribute to the rivalry between Mugen and Jin. They are both bad asses in their own way, but it's still one of those "this world ain't big enough for the two of us" type of themes. Well I hope you enjoy it. Leave an opinion if you can.

    Recently, someone has mentioned the fact that I used mostly clips from the first episode. While pretty much narrowing down the clips I wanted to use the first episode had all the best clips for 'me' to use. There wasn't many episodes where Mugen and Jin were in conflict with each other. Also the syncing was really complicated in this video so I didn't do much swrd play syncing because it pretty much felt impossible for the most part. It isn't too big a deal. I just wanted to point that out, but you're final judgement is yours to make anyhow.

    Also, all I ask is that you critique this video with an open mind. Whether you like rap or not or if you like this anime or not please grade it with the upmost sincerity.

    OK. This is my last ditch effort to give this video some credibility. The last few opinions I've gotten were solely based on the fact of disliking hip hop. Of course I don't have any control over what people think, but I really wanted to get more open feedback whether you like hip hop or not. I mean I'll accept any criticism good or bad, but please don't judge this video soley because it's a hip hop video.

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