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  • Member: SorceressVanessa
  • Title: Sailor Moon Take Me Away
  • Premiered: 2006-10-15
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    • Martika Toy Soldiers
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  • Comments: Title: Take Me Away
    Anime: Sailor Moon S, Sailor Moon Stars
    Song: Toy Soldiers by: Martika

    I know this song is about addiction to drugs using childlike song and lyrics to give it a hainting, yet creative effect, but I switched it to a more dramatic love song between Usagi and Seiya with a hint of Mamoru in the video. The story behind the video is down below.


    Usagi has now just said goodbye to her new fiance after he proposed to her and left to go off to the U.S. for college for a year, maybe longer. As she is saying goodbye her eye catches a man whom she never expected to fall in love with but she felt happy around him, he took away a lot of her pain but she knew she could never be together with him and she feels wrong for using him to cope with the pain in her heart because Mamoru is gone, but what can a girl do? What will Usagi do?
    Quite a few effects were used in this video so enjoy! ^^

    Toy Soldiers by Martika


    Footage: I'm not going to say my video footage is great, there are a few div x logos here and there, but that's about it, other than that the video footage is pretty clean with no subtitles.

    Music: It' sounds just fine on my computer, hopefully it sounds good on your computer too ^^

    Effort: This took me 4 days to make, with at least 5-8 hours a day working on it, so I tried my best to make sure everything worked and went correctly.

    Action/ Editing sync: I believe I did all right on this to make sure what parts went where they were supposed to.

    Effect: My first time actually using quite a few digital effects which I thought were a nice effect to the video and I didn't use to many to lose attention to the video ^^

    Well I hope that you enjpy my video and please leave a comment or sumbit an opinon to let me know how you liked/ hated my video ^^ Thanks!

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