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  • Member: lynit
  • Studio: SpekHead Studios
  • Title: Need for Rebellion
  • Premiered: 2006-10-15
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    • Dead Boys Sonic Reducer
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  • Comments: Hello everyone! I'm Dark Velocity EX! This is Need for Rebellion!

    The origin of this video came a couple of months ago (August 2006). I wanted to make a new video to further improve my skills, though I had a lack of ideas on where to go next. Therefore, I decided to go for a video focusing on a certain character. After an attempt at a trailer music video, I decided to try a video using one of Dragon Ball's most favorable characters...Vegeta.

    Simply, before the Majin Buu arc, Vegeta was a lone wolf. He didn't need anyone (He told himself such, yet he needed Bulma and her parents for the gravity machine =D ), his sole purpose in life was to prove the might of the near-extinct Saiyan Race (and to defeat Goku in battle). I wanted to showcase him during this time period (In other words, during the Android Arc), as well as his time as Majin Vegeta, when his mindset was reverted to when he first came on Earth.

    The song, Sonic Reducer, is considered by many to be one of punk rock's anthems. Covered by many bands, its lyrics talk of rebellion, proving oneself, and the sound kicksass. I thought this worked real well with Vegeta, the lyrics simply being his mind telling the story.

    Here are a few things I'd like to note about the project.
    - During the guitar solo, I decided instead of furthering the video, I would focus on a series of flashbacks that had Vegeta nearly defeted, victorious, or in a different state. Thus, the sepia tone was used, and specific events were used.
    -Also, after the guitar solo, I wanted to focus a bit on Goku and Vegeta's two fights. I used scenes from both of them , and used specific footage that showed either character with the upper hand. I think it worked well =)

    This video took me nearly 2 months to complete. Mostly I was working on the weekends, and of course, the trusty computer DOES have limitations. =D. But I had fun working on this project, and I hope you enjoy it. And once again, this was made with trusty Windows Movie Maker!! This video is also entered in the NarutoForums 5th AMV Competition (Hopefully it does well!)

    Have fun!

    ~Blake "Dark Velocity EX" Stevens

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