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  • Member: WUNETTI Productions
  • Studio: WUNETTI Productions
  • Title: comedown (the Human Surreality experiment)
  • Premiered: 2006-10-14
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  • Song:
    • PM Dawn The Beautiful
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  • Comments: ...I got nothin'.

    I got the idea for this one a few months ago, during the construction of "No Power in the 'Verse," if memory serves me right. when I thought of it, I also realized how I would have to make it. at the time, I was both looking forward to and dreading making the Utena Symphony, as I realized just how much work that project was going to be and how much it was going to take out of me. this project, it seemed, would help me work my way out of that, bring me down from AMV construction and so forth.

    hence the title, "comedown."

    as for the rest of the title, well, the making of this vid definitely means it was an experiment for me, and the surreality of the whole thing is kind of a given, considering the anime. calling it "the Human Surreality experiment" just seemed to fit.

    I made this video in one three-hour session. starting at 1:21 in the afternoon, because it's my 21st AMV, I finished it at exactly 4:21. it was kind of weird that way, but hey, so's the vid. honestly, I don't expect this will go on many "favorite" lists, as it's just plain weird; that's how it's supposed to be.

    however, part of why I made it is this:

    one line from the song, I think, captures pretty much all of the two Evangelion movies - and perhaps all of Evangelion - in a simple but poignant phrase:

    "Distorted, isn't it?
    But it's beautiful!
    Exceptionally beautiful!


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