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  • Member: Akari-chan
  • Title: Wish There Was Hope
  • Premiered: 2006-10-12
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    • Lunar Silver Star Story Wind Nocturne (Luna's Boat Song)
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  • Comments: EDIT: You can see the video HERE
    I dunno why I can't link it at the link's page =_=' It says thelink is wrong

    Wow, I haven't done an AMV in a long time! The reason is because I always forget to finish them, and end up doing only one or two minutes of it.
    This one I was able to finish because I spend all the day doing it, since I haven't had anything else to do heh XD I didn't work so hard, and spent only 8 hours in it. I tried my best to synch the scenes with the lyrics. This AMV is about hope and how everything will end good even if it seems bad ^^

    Wishing on a dream that seems far off
    [Scene of the two main characters of Code Geass as kids. I associate kids a dreams and hope ^^]
    Hoping it will come today
    [I used a pretty poetic scene of Tamaki here, mostly because I find it really beautiful]
    Into the starlit night
    Foolish dreamers turn their gaze
    Waiting on a shootin star
    [I confess that using this scene of Aya from WK rfom all the three verses was pretty boring ^^; But it worked really well with the lyrics, so...]

    But What if that star is not to come
    [Ok, no stars, but Raito walking into the sun. I used because I found it pretty XD?]
    Will their dreams fade to nothing?
    [Ohh! I really like the scene of Ritsuka all happy going to the window, hoping to see Soubi there, but find he's not there. It fits the lyric, and he made such a cute sad face!]
    When the horizon darkens most
    [Kan-chan looking at the horizon, thinking about Haruka!]
    We all need to believe there is hope
    [The main character of Shounen Onmiyouji being saved by the other main char!!! Cute XD]

    Is an angel watching closely over me?
    [Scenes of Ryuuku, haruka and Kan-chanXD]
    Can there be a guiding light i've yet to see?
    [Allen Walker turning in bed to see where the starneg light is coming from X3]
    I know my heart should guide me but
    [Kagetora turns to talk something to a Naoe who's walking away, but don't; THIS SCENE SO FITS THE VERSE!]
    Theres a hole within my soul
    [Karin's brother feeling bad about the guy he met! Oh yeah, this AMV is sightly gay]

    What will fill this emptiness inside of me
    [Main girl from Code Geass trying to save main guy's life, it's pretty cute]
    Am I to be satisfied without knowing
    [Main characters from Shounen Onmiyouji trying to hold hands! They get to in the end ^^]
    I wish then for a chance to see
    Now all I need, (desperately)
    [Ritsuka agrees to hold Soubi's hand! That's so poetic! and butterflies and bird in the end ^^]
    Is my star to come...
    [Allen holds a fading soul in his hand. It looked like a falling star, so that's why ^^]

    There's mroe since there are lots of instrumental parts in it. I hope you like!

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