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  • Member: Aziff
  • Studio: [KAisen KiTarö]™ Productions
  • Title: Jinchuu: Easier To Run
  • Premiered: 2006-10-06
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    • Linkin Park Easier To Run
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  • Comments: SPOILERS! Don't Read If You Don't Want To

    Of all the RuroKen Arcs I've read, my favourite yet is the Jinchuu Arc. In this arc is exactly where Kenshin's mysterious past (besides him being Battousai) is laid out really well. There's the Reminiscence (did I spell that right?) Arc whcih tells of how Kenshin received his scar and how he came to carry his ideal of not taking lives, but saving them.

    Back to Jinchuu, Enishi (Kenshin's borther-in-law) heralds a sword style (forgot the name...) which manages to beat Kenshin's Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu flat. and so after, he kidnaps Kaoru, however, making it seem like he killed her. And the story goes on...

    However, that's the manga. The OVA (Seisouhen) is a different thing entire. Don't get me started on how bad those guys explained Jinchuu... LoL

    Anyway, after Kaoru was kidnapped (or rather killed, from the Kenshin-gumi's POV), Kenshin fell into depression and started well... Having back all his old memories. Tracing back from his early past right up to the present.

    This AMV, is, in short, Kenshin's feelings during his moment of depression in the Fallen Village.


    Particularly, I wasn't that satisfied with the progression of this AMV. I've recently checked my PC memory space (where I store my DVD footages) and discovered that I had quite a small space left. In the end, this resulted in me deleting some phases from the OVAs. This AMV (in my opinion) lacked a bit of gusto (I just finished my exams, maybe all that spirit is gone) and scenes

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