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  • Member: Anime_AJ
  • Studio: animeAJ productions
  • Title: FF7: ACM
  • Premiered: 2006-10-09
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  • Song:
    • Final Fantasy VII OST Crazy Motorcycle
  • Anime:
  • Comments: So I was working on one of my two next amvs, one of which is to Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children when I remembered I had a copy of "Crazy Motorcycle" from the original Final Fantasy VII video game and so I took the motorcycle chase from the FF7 movie and put them to the song until I came up with something that worked and so here is a new amv I made just for FUN!

    Lol... Fun... reminds me of my friend, Chibi Lenne's amv to Advent Children, "FUN", put to the SpongeBob song of the same title.

    [Don't forget to visit my site!]

    P.S. This amv was not a planned amv like most of my videos. It was a random, off-the-wall idea I got just before I made "Cloud of Sadness". If you're looking for a good, actually-thought-out FF7 amv, then look up that one!

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