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  • Member: FlaxSeed
  • Title: One Big Opening 2
  • Premiered: 2006-10-09
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    • UVERworld Colors of the Heart
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  • Comments: This is a sequel of my first music video, "One Big Opening."

    It's actually located here:

    I decided to create a new account with a, IMHO, spiffy name. Tinari just didn't cut it anymore.

    Anyhow, I started on September 27th and finished October 09th. The majority of that time was spent trying to figure out how to add subtitles/typesetting/etc. I actually have never done Karaoke before. However on my last video, some one suggested making it more like an opening. Perhaps adding subtitles to the song I was using. I decided to heed his advice because to be honest, it was great advice. I wasn't sure why I didn't think of it myself.

    Footage was limited to just openings to give it that opening feel while maintaining a level of action. (Of course, I just can never resist.) The other used footage with credits/subtitles of its own/etc. I didn't want to have a bunch of garbage in the clips, so I used textless openings this time around.

    The song I used was "Colors of the Heart" by UVERworld. It's the song used in the third opening of Blood. I heard it, loved it, and just had to use it in something. So, stricken with inspiration, I created One Big Opening 2.

    Anyway, It should be leagues better than the first one. Looking at the description, I stated having problems with timing, crashed, etc. This time, I converted the footage with a lossless codec to remove the chance of crashes, timed things much better because of both that and using Adobe Premiere instead of Windows Movie Maker. In the end, I used WWM to export it so I would have a video with a reasonable size. (Hope that doesn't drive any of you away, lol.)

    So, here you are. One Big Opening 2.

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