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  • Members: Stryyder, Rider4Z
  • Studio: Otaku Lounge Productions
  • Title: Hell Hath No Fury .:remastered:.
  • Premiered: 2006-10-09
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    • Green Day She's a Rebel
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  • Comments: This is Rider4Z talking:

    Stryyder is my fiance and we are the founders of Otaku Lounge Productions. the reason i'm entering his video and not himself is because he is particularly not impressed with it. while i, on the other hand, love it. and i feel it deserves to be among the favorites out here. it's the remastered version of the original, and while we both put in a hand of touching it up, all the credit still goes to him for the original idea.

    this video is very fun and energizing to watch. it's short, fast, and a crack up.

    and he's gonna kill me when he finds out i uploaded it ^_^'


    Edit: Ok, yeah, it's up, lol. This is Stryyder with an update. I really had no problem with Rider uploading this, I just got lazy with it and kept putting it off. I put this together to try out Premier, since I knew it'd be short. I liked the idea at first but with all the different series I used and hearing the song hundreds of times I really got tired of it. My export job sucked (for details watch the original) and I just didn't have the interest to fix it up when AnimeExpo came around. Rider however really wanted to have it entered so after she begged me (for at least 10 minutes, literally) I finally gave in. I really like the clips she added and while it was my original idea she's gonna get collab credits whether she wants it or not. So anyways, enjoy.


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