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  • Member: Phoenix_gal
  • Title: Sayonara Solitia
  • Premiered: 2006-10-07
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    • Chiba Saeko Sayonara, Solitia
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  • Comments: This took me like 2 weeks to complete, and is my very first AMV. I'm quite proud of it, since it is my 1st AMV and it turned out quite suprerb.

    (Click link/Copy URL to Adress for Lyrics/Translations):

    There are breathtaking parts that I think really connect to the song:
    1. Sora's and Kairi's Farewell--The music at the very beginning is calm... and the 1st line says "It's because I love you so much that I hurt you, that I'm so confused." This shows both love and yet pain in their hearts, as they must bid eachother good bye for a short time.... but there is hope for them, since they'll see eachother again. I just love this scene put in this song--I think i got an idea of a short version of "Sayonara Solitia"/Kingdom Hearts vid.
    2. Haruhi's Tear--I saw the credits and in the end, it shows the clock with a drop of water/tear running down it. I wanted to put the watch there... but it kinda changed to Haruhi's one tear from the end of Episode 13 (I even had to take a snapshot to make that moment last longer)
    3. Tidus/Yuna Underwater Make Out--I had this scene completely (or almost completely) thpught since I heard the full version of the song for the 1st time. It sounds as if the listener is very slowly swimming underwater--like an otter or a dolphin swimming. I had to cut "The Spring" Vid and scramble them into a special order... which turned out so amazingly well and exactly (or so close to exactly) in my mind's design.
    4. Chrono's and Rosette's Final Moments--The music is calm again. So I had the final episode's scene in which Azamaria and the nuns find an already dead Chrono and Rosette and Azamaria sudden recollection of the lover's final moments together.... and then the couple at last with Azamaria smiling gently, knowing they'll be happy in heaven in deep, true love. The final sung line is "I'm so glad that I was born on this earth that connects me to you," which matches the pic of Chrono and Rosette.
    5. Everyone's bit of hope--(Just after #4) The music is back to it's upbeat and instrumental to the end. For kairi, I put all the stars up... for all the worlds and lovers to return with newfound hopes and dreams as well as the fact kairi may be wishing for Sora to return in her arms someday. Meanwhile, Yuna and Tidus reunite once more in an affectionate embrace then run of to their new life--together forever. Then it's back to Ouran as Tamaki reaches out for Haruhi's outstreched hand, believing in all the old and future memories of him and Haruhi together with the Host Club... and possibly in the future as they both share a loving embrace.
    6. The Final Scene--As the music slowly dades, Kairi relieves some of her old memories of a cave she and her friends would often play in askids. She suddenly sees an illusion of Sora, drawing himself giing a papou fruit to kairi (In their legend, if u give those fruits to someone, they'll be together forever), and then turns into a shooting star. So Kairi cries in joy, knowing Sora loves her and confesses her own love in drawing;by drawing her giving a papou fruit to Sora. Another glimmer of hope whom shines within Kairi's heart.

    So I guess there's a theme to this whole vid, which is: When true love finds its way into the hearts of 2 people, even if they are seperated--their love will never fade. Even by death do they not part, for they will be in eachother's arms in the next life. And even if all seems lost, love will bring out the hope that the lovers shall be together again and love shall bring the miracle of being reunited once more for eternity.

    This is a tribute to some of the couples in our favorite animes and games, as followed:
    Kingdom Hearts: Sora/Kairi
    Ouran High School Host Club: Tamaki/Haruhi
    Final Fantasy X and X-2: Tidus/Yuna, and a very small Shuyin/Lenne scene
    Chrono Crusade: Chrono/Rosette

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