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  • Member: My_Nemesis
  • Studio: Accession Studios
  • Title: I Can't Believe I Made Another
  • Premiered: 2002-12-11
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    • Lords of Acid Rover take over
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    MindWarp's 2002 Fall/Winter PFS Award
    ***Not for anyone under 18 years of age***

    I won. Holy shit. My second amv contest technicly. The Martyr one was pretty close time wise, but it hasn't ended, so maybe I can count this as my first contest.

    I finally finished this AMV. I threw out some of the ideas I had because they would have taken up so much more time and I really wanted to get this AMV done so I could move onto new projects.

    The whole idea of this AMV was "doggy style" sex. It took me a long time to find a hentai with a lot of dogy style in it, but then I found Anime Fiction, a hentai parady of other animes. The animation is actually pretty good, but the voices are god awfull. Course that doesn't matter because this is about the AMV.

    I really didn't use much for effects. Just a basic cross zoom for the most part. A couple of cross fades. I do have a lot of lip synching though. I originally wanted to do more, but I just didn't have the time nor patiance any longer. You will see in some parts that the mouth looks funny while closed. That would be because it wasn't suppose to be closed. I did that. Also watch the mouth durring some of the "action" and you will see I synched it there too.

    I also feel special because I am the first to use the song Rover take over by Lords of Acid. I also am the first to use Anime Fiction and Koihime.

    Now for the error section I'm adding to a couple of my comments.
    I really do like how this video came out. The only thing that really bother me is that I used Premeire to resize. Premerie does suck at resizing, so the black outline of characters on the anime Anime Fiction look like crap. I did a test with AVISynth a little while ago (Two months after the AMV is done) and it looks a lot nicer. I would redo it using AVISynth istead, but I don't want to go through and lip synch that again and I no longer have a master version of this AMV.

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